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5 of our favorite must-have photos for your wedding day

There are sooo many photos that make up a full wedding day gallery! And they are all important. The ceremony shots, the first look (which we LOVE and recommend!), the family formals, the fun reception party shots, emotional candids. All the fun events that happen on your day. They are all must-have shots that you want in your gallery and your album. And they are DEFINITELY a huge priority to us. These are the shots you need for a well rounded gallery. But we definitely have our favorite type of shots we love to get for our couples!

These are 5 of our favorite must-have photos for your wedding day! 

1.Veil Fluff

We LOVE a veil fluff shot! Give us ALL the long, flowy veils to get that dreamy flowing in the wind veil shot. These take a few tries to get the perfect flowy shot, but it’s SOO worth it! It’s also kind of fun to watch whoever is the one doing the fluff and run (someone has to fluff the veil and then run out of the shot super fast LOL). This is definitely one of those shots that looks so pretty in a frame for your wall! 

2. Gorgeous bridal portraits

You put so much time into choosing the perfect dress, the perfect accessories, and having your hair and makeup perfectly done. SO we want to get some stunning bridal photos of you because it is your day, and you deserve photos that capture how beautiful you look and feel on the happiest day of your life! AND your mom, your grandma and extended family members will love having photos of just you!


3. A traditional wedding portrait

While we love getting super creative with our bride and groom portraits, you HAVE to have a traditional portrait where you’re both looking at the camera and smiling. This is just a classic shot that is so important. It’s one you’ll want for your album, to frame and it’s also the type of shot that the mom’s and grandmothers will want to frame. We always want to provide our couples a traditional portrait.






4. Romantic husband and wife portraits

These are our FAVORITE! This is where we get to be creative and the shots where we have the BEST light! Whether we head out to do these right after the ceremony OR we sneak out of the reception during sunset, these are our favorites! The light is super glowy, everything looks golden and magical. And they are the first photos you’ll take together after you’re officially MARRIED! These are such an exciting time of day! This portrait time tends to feel a little more relaxed because the pre-ceremony nerves are gone and you’re ready to celebrate because now it’s time for the fun at the reception! We like to make these portraits fast, but we also want to make the most of the light and get you as many portraits together as possible!






5. All the Details

We LOVE details! You put so much time into selecting your details, so we believe it’s important that we capture all those little pieces of your day that are so important to you. Whether it’s your jewelry, your florals, or special heirlooms you’ve planned to have on your big day, that’s such an important thing for us to make sure we photograph for you to include in your album. 





We love to love and serve our couples through photography, and these are some of our favorite shots we love giving our sweet clients in their full galleries! 

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