celebrate everything. everyday. forever.

#1 pup dad. Rock climber. Sour candy enthusiast. Great listener. Seemingly good at everything.

Hoarder of throw pillows. Unofficial TJ Maxx spokesperson. Believes orange juice is only good with champagne. Always cold, always wrapped in a blanket.



meet Jade and brandon

When we met in ninth grade math class, we had no idea what the next ten years had in store for us. Fast forward to dating throughout high school, making 4 years of an 8-hour long distance relationship work throughout college, we finally bought a home together (in our hometown!) and got married in 2018. Neither of us really expected that being a husband and wife photography team would ever be a "thing" that we do. But we're best friends who do life together, and when Jade fell in love with photography, it wasn't long before she brought Brandon along with her to enjoy the ride (and carry the camera gear–it's so heavy!)

We're so much alike, yet opposite at the same time. Jade is the creative who went to art school. Brandon is the technical one, with a background in engineering. Together, we bring out the best in each other, and love serving our clients with beautiful images that celebrate their lives.